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Sparkle like Markle, the New Duchess of Sussex

A name that needs no introduction, Meghan Markle, now Her Royal Highness Duchess of Sussex, has been fashion’s “it” girl for quite some time now. Almost every outfit has to be paired with trendy shades. Here's a look at some of our favorites from the Duchess. #BeYourOwnIcon
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How did sunglasses coma about on

Ever Want To Know How Sunglasses Came About?

Though they had the advantage of protecting excessive sunlight from constantly shining on the users face, initially the Chinese used sunglasses to hide their emotion from other people when speaking to them.  Find out more!
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Sunglass Guide for Men

With Gift-Giving time fast approaching, we thought you might want some suggestions for that special man in your life Most men own a limited number of accessories. Often, it’s a case of basic necessities: a scarf, a watch, a bag...

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What Your Sunglasses Say About You

Like all accessories and clothing, sunglasses make a statement upfront about your personality. Even before you utter a word, your personality shouts out through your choice of sunglasses. They add style to your clothing and are the first things someone...

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5 Sexy Sunglass Styles for Guys

  Sunglasses are the perfect accessory for men who want to elevate their look without trying too hard. Throw on a cool pair of sunglasses and your workday or weekend outfit immediately looks more polished! The 5 stylish sunglasses below...

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The 5 Most Classic Sunglass Styles

 Fashion trends come and go, but classic styles look great forever! This is no different with sunglasses. While it can be fun to experiment with trends like oversize sunglasses, mirrored lenses, or fluorescent frames - will you really like the...

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American Icons: Gary Vaynerchuk

He’s loud. He’s brash. He’s New York. In spite of these qualities – or perhaps because of them – Gary Vaynerchuk may be one of the most recognizable and powerful stars to rise out of social media in the past...

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Olympic Icons: Katie Ledecky, Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps

Excellence isn’t uncommon. Sustained excellence is an entirely different story. During the first 10 days of the Olympics, we’ve seen repeated examples of this: athletes in their second, third and fourth games doing the incredible, repeating their gold medal victories...

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