The 5 Most Classic Sunglass Styles

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 Fashion trends come and go, but classic styles look great forever!

This is no different with sunglasses. While it can be fun to experiment with trends like oversize sunglasses, mirrored lenses, or fluorescent frames - will you really like the way they look in pictures in 5 or 10 years?

Classic styles tend to flatter every face shape, work with casual or dressy outfits, and never go out of style.

Read on to find out American Sunglass’ ultimate list of the 5 most classic sunglass styles.

Wayfarers on 

  1. Wayfarer

Is there anything more classic than the original Rayban style? This might be the most flattering style of all as it works with every face shape! It also evokes a classic Hollywood feeling - making the wearer look stylish and chic.

Black or brown frames are the classic choice, or mix it up with updated colorful frames.

Aviators on 

  1. Aviators

Because of aviators origin story - sunglasses for airplane pilots in World War 2 - they retain a sporty and tough attitude. Despite this, they can be great for casual or dressy occasions since they’ve been popularized by celebrities, musicians, and movies over the years.

Aviators typically have a thin metal frame and dark oversized lenses like this version by Hobie. You can also find updated versions with plastic frames or colored/mirrored lenses.

Cat Eye sunglasses on

  1. Cat Eye

The cat eye frame shape was developed to improve the fit and visual quality for wearers, but it became iconic in the 60’s when actresses like Marilyn Monroe began wearing this style. This made the shape feel dramatic and feminine.

The cat eye is classic but also a little quirky and fun. The most typical versions often are tortoiseshell, black or brown, but you can find colored frames, colored lenses, or even crystal details like this version by Miu Miu.

Rectangular sunglasses on

  1. Rectangular Frames

Rectangular frames became popular in the 60’s when Ray-Ban created the Olympian. This style was worn by Peter Fonda in the movie Easy Rider, making it instantly cool. This style continued to evolve, becoming oversize and futuristic in the 80s, very narrow and elongated in the 90s, and morphed into wraparound styles for sport sunglasses.

This angular version from Ray-Ban looks sleek and classic.


  1. Round Styles

Round Sunglasses on 

Round lense styles are some of the oldest versions of sunglasses, but they hit their pinnacle when they were popularized by the hippie movement. Since then, they’ve stuck around, often getting tweaks and updates like elongated corners, or brow line accents.

In the 90s they shrunk down to small round lenses, but they’re back now to being medium to oversize.

This version by Michael Kors is a throwback to the 60’s but keeps it classy with tortoiseshell arms and dusty blue lenses.

Whichever classic sunglass style you choose, you’ll be sure to have a pair that is flattering, stylish, and lasts forever!

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