Sunglass Guide for Men

With Gift-Giving time fast approaching, we thought you might want some suggestions for that special man in your life

Most men own a limited number of accessories. Often, it’s a case of basic necessities: a scarf, a watch, a bag and a tie. However, unless you are a man who enjoys squinting at sunrays, and damaging your eyes while at it, you must include sunglasses into this category of essentials. You can easily elevate any outfit, by choosing a great pair of sunglasses. As with most accessory, there’s a right and wrong way to wear them. Sunglasses, as simple as they are, have the power to make you look debonair and suave or like a complete jerk. There isn’t an in-between.

A decent pair of shades will not only protect your eyes but also cover a multitude of sins- (Think hangover). They will create a style statement of their own and finish off an outfit. It’s therefore extremely rewarding to find a pair ‘tailor-made’ for you. This all goes down to knowing the shape of your head and getting something that suits it.


Oval Face Shape

Aviators for Men on

This face shape is considered the ‘lucky’ shape. It is noticeably longer than it is wide, coupled with a rounded jaw. People with this type of face can wear pretty much any frame available. However, you must make sure your choice of sunnglasses doesn’t make you look too smug and avoid frames with low-hanging arms as this will make your face look longer. Oval face shapes will go well with Aviators anytime, everyday.

Square Face Shape

Round Sunglasses for Men on

The rule of thumb in wearing sunglasses is that your sunglass choice should be the opposite of your face shape. This creates balance by creating definition or softening harsh features. A square face comprises wide cheek bones and a strong jaw bone. In this case, aviators and round frames will create a beautiful contrast with the face shape, creating a perfect blend.

Round Face Shape

Wayfarer Sunglasses on

Men with round faces should choose sunglasses which create great definition. To make your cheeks look smaller, choose a size that is slightly wider than your face and that has a strong brow line.  This will definitely elongate your face and lengthen your temples. Square Frames and Wayfarers work best with round faced people.

Heart Face Shape

Large-Framed Sunglasses for Men on

This shape is slightly broader around the cheekbones and narrower at the temple. It’s almost similar to the round face but is slightly narrower. Getting a contrasting pair of sunnies will highlight your facial features and create a finer tone. Aviators, square frames, and wayfarers will create a perfect blend.

Sunglasess can create or break your style. Choose sunnies that go well with your face and most importantly, those that accelerate your confidence.