What Your Sunglasses Say About You

What Your Sunglasses Say About You on AmericanSunglass.com

Like all accessories and clothing, sunglasses make a statement upfront about your personality. Even before you utter a word, your personality shouts out through your choice of sunglasses. They add style to your clothing and are the first things someone notices about your face.

Next time you buy a pair of sunglasses, you may want to know what they say about your wonderful personality. We are here to help you chose sunglasses that will make the correct statement about you.

Cateye Sunglasses on AmericanSunglass.com

  • Cat Eye

    You definitely aim for iconic! You live life with an exclamation mark and you would rather stand out than fit in. The Cat Eye sunglasses scream attention. You love being the center of attention and will do everything within your power to make sure you turn heads when you walk into a room. You value company and you love having friends and family around you. You would rather dress up and turn up even when the world seems to be crushing down on you. You are a little bit of drama and a whole lot of feminine. No one messes up with the things you love because you are always ready to unleash your inner dragon and fight for what is yours. You love being unpredictable and always keep people guessing on your next move. It’s difficult not to fall completely in love with this incredible and sassy pair of Cat Eye shades from Quay.

     Round Sunglasses on AmericanSunglass.com

  •  Round Sunglasses

    Everything about you screams fashion! You keep up with changing fashion trends and love accessories. Your life is a beautiful circus where color and glamour are prominent. You get bored with things and places fast and you are always looking for new adventure wherever you can get them. You keep your friends close and believe in defining your own destiny. You are a dreamer who wants to be iconic and remain anonymous at the same time. We honesty cannot get over the gorgeousness of this pair of round shades from Ray Ban.

     Aviators on AmericanSunglass.com

  • Aviators

    You are legendary, free spirited, rebellious and a natural leader. You are opinionated and have a strong personality. You face your challenges with confidence and like being the leader of your group. You find Tom Cruise fascinating and mysterious. Nothing beats the elegance of this beautiful modern Aviator shades from Bolle.

    Wayfarer Sunglasses on AmericanSunglass.com

  • Wayfarer

    These sunglasses make a statement of power and simplicity. Having been worn by people like John Kennedy, they speak volumes about your desire for power, fame or recognition. From the risky adventurer to the laid down chick, these sunglasses fit every style and are for everyone, every day. Here is a perfect handcrafted pair of wayfarer sunglasses from Serengeti that combines feminine glamour and elegance.

     Rectangular Frames on AmericanSunglass.com 

  • Rectangular Frames

    You take life seriously and expect others do the same. You only speak when it’s necessary or when the topic of discussion is something that appeals to you. You value your ‘me-time’ more than spending time with your friends. You go for quality over price and hate anything that makes you the center of attention. You do not care about fitting in or standing out because you make your own laws and stick by them. You shy away from fashion trends because you would rather stick to your regulars. We are absolutely in love with this cool pair of rectangular shades from Oakley.

    Next time you go shopping for a pair of sunglasses, make sure to get one that correctly reflects your beautiful personality. Make a statement with your mouth closed.