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Ryan Gosling is arguably America’s most beloved, handsome actor. He got his showbiz start with ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’ in 1996 along with other famous actors and singers, such as Britney Spears. He went on to act in several other family oriented productions, including ‘Goosebumps’ when he was still in his teen years.

The role that earned him his stardom was ‘The Notebook’. After this role he went on to star in a number of high-profile films such as ‘Drive’,‘Lost River’ and ‘LaLaLand’ (for which he earned his second Best Actor Oscar Nomination). His dreamy looks and cool demeanor have made him the center of Hollywood’s love affair with young actors and put him at the forefront of a number of widely spread internet memes. You might remember the famous string of memes that featured a dreamy Gosling with the words ‘Hey,girl’.

Besides his onscreen endeavors, he has his hands in several other big projects. He is in a band called, ‘Dead Man’s Bones’ that toured North America in 2009. He is also a restaurant entrepreneur, running a Moroccan style restaurant in Beverly Hills called, Tangine.

In addition to building his multifaceted empire, Ryan Gosling is an outspoken supporter of many important causes. He is a vocal supporter of PETA, Invisible Children, as well as the Enough Project. Not only is he vocal about his passion for helping others, but he is active about getting on the ground and putting work in. In fact, he has traveled to conflict ridden areas in Chad, The Congo, and Uganda to help facilitate peace efforts.

What makes Gosling such an intriguing character is his seriousness in regard to real life issues coupled with his seeming indifference to the fame he has cultivated. In fact, Ryan took a hiatus from Hollywood and completely dropped off the radar for around three years.

Although we respect Gosling’s realness, we do hope he keeps making incredible films and having millions swoon over him.  
Ryan Gosling on AmericanSunglass.com


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