Ray-Bans Made in China?

Ray ban logo

Ray-Ban is a well recognized, reputed and a respectable brand in the industry of sunglasses because of its quality and durability. People LOVE them! It makes sense that you are cautious in making sure that the ones you buy are authentic...

What happens when you see Ray-Bans with "Made in China" stamped on them...right away you think that they are knock-offs because they were not made in Italy. Well you can now rest-assured that you are getting the same quality Ray-Bans from China than you are from Italy. Luxottica, the world's largest eyewear company, OWNS Ray-Ban (along with many other well-known brands). They have chosen to use China as a manufacturing location along with Italy.

The list of Ray Ban sun glasses models that are currently being made in China includes 3364, 3379, 3267, 3386, 8301, 3484, 3119, 3364, 3387, 8310, 4125F, 2168F and 3016 among other models. Due to public concern, Luxottica has made public their business model on their website.