Kevin Hart

Kevin Heart Oval Face on Kevin Hart is one of the realest, most relatable comedians in Hollywood today. Born in 1979, Hart was raised by a single mother in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

His father was an addict and in and out of jail for most of his childhood. Kevin says that he often used comedy to cope with some of his family struggles.

Kevin first performed stand up comedy in his hometown but, after initial stand up success, moved to New York to pursue his comedy career full time. 

Since 2009 Hart has been doing comedy tours throughout the country that are extremely successful, drawing audiences in the thousands who come to watch him crack jokes about very real and relatable topics.

Kevin is also no stranger to the big screen. Some of his most famous acting roles are the Scary Movie franchise, This is the End, and Get Hard to name just a few.

Although Hart has seen cultural and financial successes that may make him seem untouchable, he is no stranger to the law. He was charged with a misdemeanor for driving under the influence when he narrowly avoided a head on collision with a tanker truck in Southern California. This struggle has definitely been influential for him and likely changed the direction of his life- as it would for most people. He now has joint custody of his children and is still celebrating a recent marriage to Eniko Parrish.  

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