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Giancarlo Rodriguez, better known as Freddy Rodriguez, is an american actor most known for his roles on Six Feet Under, Planet Terror, Ugly Betty and now Bull. He comes from incredibly humble beginnings in Chicago, Illinois. His parents are both Puerto Rican immigrants, a housewife mother and a janitor father.

He first discovered the release that acting offers when he stumbled across an inner-city theater group for low income and struggling youth. Since adolescence he has been a regular fixture of the stage, often finding release via acting. For a low income, inner city kid, Chicago can be an unforgiving place. Theater was a cathartic release for Freddy. Through his performances he encouraged other young people across Chicago to explore the world of acting in lieu of crime or drugs.

His most notable role was his steady part on Six Feet Under. He acted in all five seasons of the critically acclaimed show and even scored several various nominations at the Emmy’s and the Screen Actors’ Guild. He had small roles in several other films, such as Poseidon. Another notable role for Freddy was the voice of Mas y Menos on Teen Titans. His dynamic roles demonstrate his ability to connect with audiences of all ages.

Freddy attempts to connect with his audiences both onscreen and off. He is quite active on social media, attempting to stay close with his fans on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. He will make the occasional social commentary, although he prefers to stay out of the public view in regard to political statements. In an era where most celebrities are very politically outspoken, Freddy Rodriguez applies a less common approach, rarely speaking publicly about his political persuasion.

Freddy is married to his wife, Elsie Rodriguez. The two have been married for over twenty years, raising two sons, one of whom played his son on Six Feet Under. Freddy’s private life and that of his family life have remained very quiet and his continuity and decorum have set him apart as a tasteful and mature celebrity.


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