5 Sunglass Frame Options To Know About

Buyers Guide for Sunglass Frames
Different Frame Materials

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses is not only about choosing the perfect shape and color frame but also about selecting the sunglass FRAME MATERIAL that best suits your individual needs. 

Our featured sunglasses, whether they are from our Designer, Everyday or Performance offerings, are all manufactured primarily using the five materials below. 

Each material has varied color range availability and provides different levels of durability, performance, as well as overall appearance and weight.

METAL- is widely used within all collections and is well acknowledged for being durable, light, and pliable.  Metal frames are typically limited to standard colors but may also be offered by the manufacturer in several top-coat finishes.

PLASTIC- has the unique ability to offer a vast palette of color and fashion options.  They are lightweight allowing you to wear them for longer lengths of time.

NYLON- also available in many colors, is hypoallergenic and more versatile than plastic.  Its flexibility not only makes it tough but also means it can be molded into wrap-around or sport frames.

ACETATE- is a unique plant-based material that is sturdy yet lightweight. This hypoallergenic material can be crafted into many colors, patterns and textures and will provide a comfortable, luxurious feel…no matter the style.

TITANIUM- is lightweight and sleek yet extremely durable.  It is produced in a variety of colors, is corrosion-resistant and is also hypoallergenic. Titanium has proven to be the most popular therefor in high-end fashion and in specific sporting communities.

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