Smith sets the standard for high-performance sunglasses and goggles. Designed for those who require maximum durability and functionality, Smith has come to redefine performance eyewear. For over 40 years, Smith Optics has been providing athletes with some of the finest innovations in performance technology. When Smith Optics founder (and dentist), Dr. Bob Smith decided to use his dentistry tools to craft the perfect pair of performance goggles at his kitchen table, he unknowingly sparked a performance eyewear revolution.

Today Smith Optics is a worldwide leader in providing avid athletes the proper eye protection they desire. Through the many advances in goggle technology, Smith Optic’s products have become a go-to for skiers, snowboarders, and anybody else who requires high-quality eye protection without compromising vision or clarity. One of the most important advancements in Smith Optics goggles has to be the Turbo Fan air management system. The 5X Anti-Fog lens also proved to be a significant innovation in the world of performance goggles, as well as the Roll Off’s film advance system for motocross athletes.

In addition to goggles, Smith Optics also provides a series of sunglasses that fulfill the complicated needs of any high-level outdoor athlete. The Slider and Pivlock series offer a unique approach to interchangeable sunglasses. For optimal glare reduction, the ChromaPop lens offers top-notch polarization which provides the finest clarity and works to truly accentuate natural colors. These sunglasses are also made of some of the finest materials to ensure both durability and comfort.

As one of the top-selling performance brands in the world, it’s no surprise that Smith Optics has also acquired a vastly-talented roster of professional athletes who proudly wear the brand. Smith Optics gives you the ultimate in high-quality performance goggles and sunglasses. The heavy-emphasis on vision and clarity goes unmatched when it comes to performance eyewear. If you want the same advanced eye protection utilized by some of the world’s best action-sports athletes, be sure to choose Smith Optics today.

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