Round or Cat-eye: Trending for the Fall

More pressure than anticipated rests on sunglasses as far as facial accessories are concerned. They have a way of breaking or making our facial features. A beautiful pair of round glasses will make your eyebrows appear raised and perfectly shaped. 

Throughout the summer, over-the-top brow bar sunnies became the real deal. The recent obsession with flawless, over the top eyebrows, has taken the fashion world by storm. No one wants to be left behind in this quest to achieve perfection.

Over summer, Aviators became the must-have accessory for every fashionista. The ‘right above the nose' position of these glasses was quite the trend in summer.  The power that sunglasses have to totally change someone's facial features is quite intriguing.

Fall (arguably the most beautiful season of the year) has come and with it the likely possibility of a change in sunglass trend. 

Butterfly Sunglasses on

Fall isn't typically the season that everyone gets excited about sunglasses. However, fashion has a way of cutting across all seasons and changing our accessory tastes. The laid-back mood that comes with Fall is likely to change everyone's taste in sunglasses. This Fall, close-fit sunglasses appear to be the order of the day.

Round and Cat-eye glasses are the best example of closely fitting and trendy glasses. These glasses have a way of bringing out ones laid back personality as well as keeping the fashionista in them alive.

Most people are cool with Round sunglasses but scared of Cat-eye. However, you won't know the power of Cat-eye to aestheticize your facial features unless you try them out. Why not get the latest pairs of Cat-eye and Round sunglasses and make your fall more interesting and fashion conscious than it has ever been.