Oakley Prizm™ Lens Technology


Oakley Prizm™ lenses fine tune individual colors, enhancing detail for an optimized experience. With ordinary sunglass lenses, the world looks dull and flat, but prizm lens technology makes everything look vivid and vibrant. The lenses work to emphasize colors where the eye is most sensitive to detail, which in return, helps to enhance performance and safety.

"By fine-tuning individual wavelengths of color, PRIZM™ sharpens visual acuity to reveal nuances that would be missed by the naked eye." - Oakley

Prizm Baseball


With conventional sunglass lenses, dull colors mean less contrast, and that makes it more difficult to track a ball in the sky or on the field. By making critical colors more vivid, prizm™ field lenses accentuate the background to enhance contrast. That means the ball stands out against the blue of the sky, the green of the grass and the browns of the dirt.

Prizm™ Golf


Helps you spot grass textures you might otherwise miss. Improves contrast between the cyans and greens of healthy grass and the yellows, oranges and reds of unhealthy grass. By separating shades of green, they help you spot fairway/fringe/rough transitions.

Prizm™ Road

Enhanced vision in both right light and shadows. White and yellow lane lines are vivid, and traffic lights are more vibrant. Sky and greenery are color enhanced for a more pleasant riding experience.

Prizm™ Trail

Enhances reds and browns. Plants and foliage colors are more vivid. Enhanced vision in both bright light and shadows.

Prizm™ Shallow Water

Boosts the precise green and copper hues that make it easier to see hiding spots. Keeps white bright so you can spot the flash of fish and flies on the surafce. Helps you see the shadows of fish - something that can be more useful than trying to spot the fish themselves. Improves color contrast and cuts glare.

Prizm™ Deep Water


Filters out the shades of blue that overwhelm your vision on open water. Improves color contrast, boosting greens and reds to give you better view of what’s going on down below. Keeps white bright so you don’t miss the flash of fish. Darker lens than the shallow water version because you won’t be dealing with the shadows the canopy cover. Enhanced with glare-stopping polarization so you can enjoy full days of fishing, boating and sailing with comfort.

Prizm™ Daily Lenses

Improve comfort in varying light conditions, and they feature premium HD polarized optics that cut glare and keep your eyes comfortable when you’re driving. Dull colors become warm and rich for sharper contrast and a more pleasing visual experience.


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