How-to: Sunglass Fit + Measurement

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If there’s one thing we know, it’s sunglasses. We also know that every face is different. Why does this matter? Well, the perfect pair of sunnies for you might be another person’s nightmare. The way sunglasses fit a face is hardly ever discussed, but in fact, a wrong fit is the number one reason for returns. Let's dive in...

What do we recommend?

It’s always best to walk into a sunglasses shop and spend the time to try on different pairs for the best fit. Many times, a specialist will be able to make adjustments immediately to a pair you like.

If you can’t find time to get to a store, shopping online is the quicker and more convenient alternative. We currently have over 700 sunglasses in our online catalog, and that number multiplies when you factor in lens and frame color options. It can be overwhelming for anyone to find their next perfect pair, so we’re sharing some tips to ensure you’re pleased with your sunglasses purchase.

What kind of face do I have?

Personal style + face shape are the two top factors in determining what sunglasses you’ll love. Let's tackle face shape for a moment. Most people can fall into four face shape categories: round, oval, heart, and square. An easy way to see what face shape you have is to take a selfie. Either trace or focus on the outline of your head; what do you see? Here's a little graphic we created to explain...

Round faces: you’ll want to purchase sunglasses that contrast the roundness, for example rectangular or square shaped shades. Round face shape + round sunglasses do not go hand-in-hand, beware. Check out a variety of rectangular lenses here.

Oval faces: congratulations, it’s your lucky day. You’ll be able to pretty much rock anything you want. Your balanced proportions, high cheek bones and slightly narrow chin help you look good in essentially all styles. In this case, check out our newest arrivals here.

Heart faces: What in the world? Heart-shaped faces simply mean that your face is wider at the forehead region and then tapers down near the chin and jaw, like a heart. Aviators will be your best friend in the sunglasses world. What better brand to buy than the ones who invented the aviator style? Shop Ray-Ban aviators. 

Square faces: You guessed it- round frames are going to provide you with ideal contrast to your angular lines around the jawline. Round frames might be our favorite style, as they provide a fun and bold look to the wearer. Shop some cool new round styles here.

How do I measure my sunglasses?

Now that you know your face shape and what style typically works best for you, it’s time to understand the different measurements of glasses. Look! More fun graphics from us...

Did you know? Sizes are often marked on the inside of the temple.

Measurements are calculated in millimeters (mm). A good way to compare these measurements to your face shape is to measure the distance in between your temples. You can easily do this (or have a friend help) by holding a straight ruler to your face in the mirror. Most temple to temple measurements run from 5 to 7 inches long. The average for men is 5 ¾” (145 mm); for women it is 5 ¼” (133 mm) or 5 ½” (139 mm).

For those with smaller faces (4” up to 5” temple to temple), we recommend to purchase frame sizes up to 50mm. 

Those who measure between 5” to 5.5” temple to temple will want to go between 51mm and 55mm.

Finally, 5.5” and above shouldn’t get frames smaller than 56mm. 56mm and above is your best bet.

Closing thoughts

Now that you’re a sunglasses fit and measurement pro, let’s talk about your style. Your personal style trumps all. Our above information is to only serve as a guide for you to find that next perfect pair, but at the end of the day, YOU get to decide what you want. Keep your knowledge of shapes and measurements in mind, and let that help you choose a style you’ll love. Who knows, you may decide on something completely different than what you thought you would like.

Always know that our sunglass specialists are trained in helping you throughout the journey from start to finish. Many frames can be altered right in-store, even if you purchased them online and brought them in. We’re always here to help so make your next sunglass purchase with confidence with us! Here are our locations in the northeast. Swing by and say hi sometime soon; we're waiting for you!


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