How to Pick the Right Sunglasses for Your Outfit

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Do you ever find yourself trying on sunglasses, wondering which style is “you”? Many people often think about what style is flattering for their face shape, but forget to think about which type of sunglass matches their overall fashion style.

If you take a few minutes to think about your typical type of outfit, you’ll know which sunglasses are the right fit for you from the start!

Which outfit below best describes your style?

Professional Office Look

Do you work in an office and need to dress the part? If your typical outfit involves a sleek pencil skirt, a blazer, and a cute blouse, you’ll want to steer towards classic sunglass styles. Try wayfarer, rectangle, or medium to small square frame shapes.

If you lean towards trendy-professional, try cat-eye, large square, or oversize frame shapes.

Boho Look

Do you favor breezy peasant dresses, soft denim, and wavy beach hair? Go with shades that match your style! Try round Lennon-inspired frames, modern-aviators, wire frames, and mirrored-lenses.

City Chic

Does your typical outfit include a cropped leather jacket, edgy proportions, and a lot of black? Try trendy but cool sunglasses like chunky frames, clear frames, modern-aviators, and mirrored-lenses.


Do you prefer lady-like dresses, floral blouses, and all shades of pink? Then look for feminine sunglass styles. Try cat-eye, square, and oversize styles.

Vintage Cool

If you like to shop at thrift stores, and find your outfits are an eclectic mix of vintage pieces, look for sunglasses that match! Your best best are retro frames like wayfarers, cat-eye, or round shapes. Or try 80s inspired styles like mirrored-lenses or colored frames.

Weekend Casual

Is your go-to look comfortable yet modern? Do you live in denim, cozy sweaters, and comfy flats? Then stick to modern yet subtle styles like aviators, wayfarers, and square frames.

Vacation Style

If you’re on vacation, you’re probably living in your bikini, a flowy dress, and sandals. Pick a beachy sunglass style to match! Try our oversize, square, round, colored frames, or mirrored lenses. This is a great opportunity to pick up those bold and fun sunglasses you’ve been eyeing!

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