How To Be The Best You In Pictures!

Taking the best pictures on AmericanSunglass

We all have friends who look great in photos, seemingly without trying. No, they’re not more beautiful than you, they just know the tricks of the trade!

Many small changes to your posture, stance, and angle can make a huge difference in how you look in a photo.

As springs rolls into summer, the picnics, barbecues, and beach days will mean more photos taken and shared on social media. Learn these tricks below so you can show your best self to the world!

  • Take Multiple Photos

    The first rule is to never take just one photo! Make sure you, or the photographer take a few shots of each pose. That way you have a better chance of getting a photo with your eyes open, with a natural smile, AND a nice pose.

  • Try the Fake Laugh

    It may seem backwards, but this is one of the best tricks to get a natural looking smile. Make a game out if it with friends to laugh at a pretend joke - once you start fake laughing, you’ll start laughing in earnest - and you’ll end up with natural looking smiles.

  • Smile With Your Tongue Behind Your Teeth

    This is another great smiling trick that Hollywood celebs swear by. This gives you a nice smile, without it being too wide/goofy/showing your tonsils.

  • Make Sure the Light is in Front of You

    Get rid of shadowy/backlit shots by making sure that the sun or light is in front of you. This will make the shot bright and eliminate shadowy facial features.

  • Find a Light Colored Background

    If possible, find a white or light colored background. This will make your face look brighter, and will also help the camera use the white background to create a nice color balance in the photo.

  • Don’t Allow Yourself to Be in Front

    Whatever is closer to the camera will always look bigger. So if you are posing with a group, you will end up looking bigger than your companions if you are in front of them. Try to keep yourself in line with others, or slightly behind them.

  • Play with Angles

    Don’t ever angle your face or body straight onto the camera. It’s much more flattering to create some angles and shapes. Try angling your body slightly to one side and tilting your head. This will make the photo more interesting and make you look slimmer.

  • Ditch the Billowy Outfits

    Yes that oversize dress or tunic looks great in person, but the camera won’t usually catch your full body at the right angle to convey the true proportions. Photos will be much more flattering if you wear clothing that is closer to the body, or if you add a belt, a fitted blazer, etc.

  • Keep your Head Up

    Be sure to keep your head up and try stretching your neck out so that your face is a little farther forward than your body. This will nix any chance of a double chin.

  • Strike the Model Pose

    This pose is popular for a reason, the strategic placement of arms and legs makes the body look slimmer.

    Place one of your feet forward from the other (or try the crossed leg look), and keep your weight on your back leg. Put one hand on your hip - and here’s the important part! - angle the elbow of your bent arm towards your back (not straight out!).

    This tried and true pose makes everyone look great in photos. Try it in front of a mirror first to get the placement down before breaking it out in public.

Practice these tips in your next social outing - you’ll be amazed at how sleek and natural you look in your photos!

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