#BeYourOwnIcon - Spiritual Mentor & Entrepreneur, Billy Leonard

“Remember, you have all the tools you need to make all of your dreams come true, faith, love, and passion.”

You may have seen him on the TV reality show, Walhburgers as one of Mark Walhburg’s friends. You might follow his Facebook page to get your daily dose of positivity and affirmation. You might have been the beneficiary of one of his many business investments…but we bet you don’t know why this guy became one of Boston’s most inspirational serial entrepreneurs.

Billy Leonard isn’t your typical entrepreneur, he grew up on welfare in a tough neighborhood of Boston. But he has turned all of his previous struggles into motivation to help others live to their fullest potential.

Billy’s childhood was spent in the Maverick Street projects in East Boston, a noisy and violent neighborhood. His apartment had steel doors to keep out criminals, and sirens sounded off day and night.

His mother had to collect welfare at times because his father struggled to find work as a union carpenter. They ended up moving around often, making it hard for Billy to make lasting friends and feel stability in his life.

So, at the age of fourteen, he dropped out of school and began work for a contractor named Vinney, who would go on to become his first mentor. He believed in Billy, invested time in him, and taught him that he could do anything he wanted to do. Vinney inspired him with his own hard work and dedication - receiving a major contract installing natural gas for all of Boston and growing his company to more than two hundred workers.

Billy took this example and created his own business as successful utility contractor. His passion now is to share his story with others to teach them that anything is possible.

One of Billy’s childhood friends in Boston, actor and musician Mark Walhberg, ended up being a big part of his life again when they reunited as adults. Billy was one of the original investors in Walhburgers, a casual fast food chain, and starred in the TV reality show of the same name, as Mark’s friend.

Billy Leonard is a serial entrepreneur who owns, co-owns, and invests in multiple businesses and projects. But his true passion is to inspire and help others succeed in their personal and professional lives. His Facebook page is full of daily affirmations, practical tips, and inspirational quotes to help others live better lives.

One of his most poignant messages is:

“Whatever your story, whatever your fears or doubts, you can overcome the past. You can experience joy, peace, even forgiveness.”

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