American Icon: American Giving


There was a post on Reddit a few months ago that went something like this: if everyone in America gave a single person one penny, that person would have $3.1 million. And if each person gave $4 per year, there could be a new millionaire every day.

While implementing that would be difficult, the concept is relatively simple. If each person gave a little to improve society, we could enact great change.

And so that is the premise of this blog.

It started in August, when we committed (read more here) to donating a percentage of our online sales to the Frates ALS Research and Support Fund. Thanks to YOUR help, we were able to donate 10% of all online sales which will go to raise awareness and fund research so hopefully there will one day be a world without ALS.  

Every penny raised for ALS is one step closer to finding a cure. 

 At American Sunglass, we believe such philanthropy is one way that all of us can #BeAnIcon. At American Sunglass, it starts with us.

We are often approached for donations from local organizations, all doing great work, seeking our support. As often as possible, we try to say yes. Recently, we donated a gift certificate to a concert to benefit the Falmouth Skatepark. And we donated another for an auction to benefit the Crystal Springs School which caters to those with physical, cognitive and developmental disabilities.

Last year, we donated $5,000 to Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod.

We encourage the same type of philanthropy from our employees. And it doesn’t just have to be a donation of money. It can be a donation of time. Our Web  Manager serves meals to the homeless one Wednesday night every month at the NOAH Shelter on Cape Cod.

“It’s wonderful to be able to help people out there, whatever the cause may be,” said our co-owner Charlie Miller. “There are so many different people in need. If we can do something, we’ll do it.”

There are many words for this. Some call it charity or philanthropy or corporate social responsibility. We prefer to simply say it is part of being a community and making this world a better place. 

 Words of an Icon: “No one has ever become poor by giving.”  - Anne Frank