American Icons: Ralph Lauren


Whether he's in denims, a tux, or a modern combination of both, Ralph Lauren is a true icon when it comes to fashion. Or as he prefers to call it – style.  

Long before Vineyard Vines, there was Ralph Lauren. Since 1967, when he began designing neckties under the Polo brand, Lauren has made preppy not only fashionable, but hip while allowing customers to feel good at the same time.

It did not take long for others to realize Lauren’s talents. Just three years into his career, he was honored with his first Coty American Fashion Critics’ Award for menswear. By 1986, his work was enough to get inducted into the Coty Hall of Fame.

But Lauren is more than just the sum of his countless awards. His vision epitomizes American culture, best witnessed in the fact that Ralph Lauren has been the designer of uniforms for the U.S. Olympic team since 2008. His company will continue to hold that honor through 2020.

Lauren is not solely meant for America’s best athletes. The brand extends into celebrity – he was responsible for creating the clothes worn by Robert Redford in the 1974 film “The Great Gatsby.”

That little polo player, the popular logo found on the chest of its shirts, is as American as apple pie, particularly during the summer months, when boaters of all types and golfers of all skill levels will proudly sport the brand that has become iconic over its nearly 50 years of existence.

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Words of an Icon: “Personal style is about having a sense of yourself and what you believe in everyday.”- Ralph Lauren