Fashion Insights: Blue Lenses

Roses are Red Lenses are Blue

Recently, we wrote about the importance of colors and how different hues, shades and tones can impact our mood and outlook on life.

Perhaps no color speaks more to that concept than red. It’s the color of love, passion and romance. And this Sunday – Valentine’s Day – red will be on full display in the roses we send our loved ones, the cards we give to our significant others and the boxes of chocolates we buy for our spouses.

But this Sunday, we encourage you to say, “I love you!” in an entirely different color – blue.

At American Sunglass, we have more than 50 pairs of blue-lens sunglasses for women and men that are the perfect way to show your affection to the one you love.

Why blue? Well, the color has a calming effect on your eyes, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand, whether it’s driving, hiking or skiing (with your loved one, of course).

They’re also different, allowing you to stand out from the crowd in a world where blue is not the norm, at least for sunglasses. Not only are they unique, they are fashionable. After all, blue = cool which may explain why these sunglasses are becoming more and more popular.

From a purely health standpoint, blue-colored lens are ideal for any outdoor activity as they reduce glare and enhance color perception.

For men, the Maui Jim Blue Hawaii line which came out last year are sleek – they utilize the aviator style made popular by Ray-Ban – and efficiently made, perfect for those who spend time on the water (fishing and boating), on the mountains or on the golf course.

For women, there are plenty of options that strike a perfect balance between fashion and form, starting with Lilly Pulitzer and continuing down the line to these vintage, stylish Persols and the always safe go-to Ray-Ban Aviators with a new (blue, of course) twist.

Want more encouragement? We’re offering a 25 percent discount on all blue-colored sunglasses through Sunday. Just use the code BLUE16 when checking out.

Wishing you and your loved one a very happy (and BLUE) Valentine’s Day!

Words of an Icon: “We are most alive when we’re in love” – John Updike