RB9537S 200/2 40MM


Ray-Ban RB9537S Sunglasses

Item Number: 259948
UPC: 8053672474732
$ 70.00
The new school of trendsetters has arrived! These cool 4-10 year olds are the perfect group to introduce the new line of Ray-Ban Juniors to the world The round shape is the undisputed icon of the year and this is the first time ever that Ray-Ban has offered this style in a junior version. The Ray- Ban Junior RJ9537S has high quality UV500 lenses, offering extremely high protection by eliminating 100% of harmful UV rays, perfect for kids who want to stay safe, as well as cool. Its fine metal rims and temples come in a variety of matte and shiny metallic tones and are made to withstand even the most rock n’ roll young style seekers.