RB3447 001 47MM
Frame Color
RB3447 019/30
RB3447 029/93 50MM
RB3447 112/P9 50 mm
RB3447 112/Z2 50MM
RB3447 001 50
RB3447 112/4L 50 MM
RB3447JM 171 50
RB3447JM 172 50
RB3447 029
RB3447 002/4O 50
RB3447 112/58 50mm
RB3447 9001A5 50mm
RB3447N 001/8O 50MM
RB3447 9001A5 53
RB3447 9002A6 53


Ray-Ban RB3447 Sunglasses

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The Ray-Ban RB3447 Sunglasses showcase a timeless look inspired by the counterculture fashion of the 1960s. These sunglasses contain a lightweight frame with circular lenses and a curved double-brow bar. Embrace your wild side with these bold, iconic sunglasses.