Frame Color
RB2140 6059X4 50MM
RB2140 902 50MM
RB2140 902 54MM
RB2140 611330 50 mm
RB2140 11739350
RB2140 11739354
RB2140 11744T50
RB2140 611019 50 MM
RB2140 611169 50 MM
RB21401162 50
RB2140F 901S 52
RB2140 117617 54MM
RB2140F 901S 54MM
RB2140 901 47MM
RB2140 902 47MM
RB2140 11984O 50
RB2140 11994J 50
RB2140 1201Z2 50


Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer Sunglasses

Item Number: 059241
UPC: 805289126638
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The Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer Sunglasses will always be the sunglasses that sparked a revolution. Since the 1960s, the Ray-Ban wayfarer has found a way to transcend fashion and become a cultural icon. These Ray-Bans come equipped with a durable plastic frame and a variety of different lens to give these sunglasses the ideal casual look.