Which Is The Best Lens Option For You?

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"See The Difference" with Multiple Lens Choices

Lenses made of different materials serve different purposes. Sunglass lenses are usually made of glass, plastic, or polycarbonate:

• Glass Lenses: Glass lenses offer the best clarity but are also the heaviest.

• Plastic Sunglass Lenses: Plastic lenses are lightweight, can be found in most brands, but are prone to scratches.

• Polycarbonate Sunglass Lenses: Made from a durable, lightweight plastic, polycarbonate lenses are very strong and shatter resistant.

Different colors also offer different protection or vision enhancements:

• Grey Sunglass Lenses: Grey lenses provide the most natural color vision as they reduce light intensity without distorting colors.

• Brown and Green Sunglass Lenses: Brown lenses and green lenses offer some contrast enhancements and minimal color distortion. Green lenses are often used in aviator sunglasses to recreate the classic look.

• Rose Sunglass Lenses: While rose lenses have greater distortion, they also offer more contrast enhancement, especially for objects viewed against a blue or green background. These lenses are the ideal choice for water sports.

• Orange and Yellow Sunglass Lenses: Orange lenses and yellow lenses offer the most color contrast and depth perception. However, due to the color distortion, they are unsuitable for driving and any other activities that require you to differentiate between colors.
• Blue Sunglass Lenses: Created to reduce Blue Light from the sun this is a fashionable choice of lens color
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