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Jennifer Lawrence has quickly become one of America’s most beloved young faces. She epitomizes the idea of girl next door. It is not uncommon to find this fresh faced Oscar winner munching on Doritos in her ball gowns, or cracking inappropriate jokes in front of esteemed audiences.

She was further humanized several years ago when nude photos of her surfaced online. These pictures, although very embarrassing and private, made Lawrence the most relatable stars around today. She handled the scandal with decorum and brought to light the fact that online hacking can have very serious and real repercussions on the lives of victims.

J-Law’s most important and notable role was the lead in Silver Linings Playbook for which she won many awards including an Oscar. She also had very important lead roles in the Hunger Games Trilogy, the X-Men Series along with American Hustle and Winter Bones for which she won many award nominations including Oscars. Since 2015 she has actually been the highest paid actress in the world.

Her reign as America’s sweetheart is unlikely to change anytime soon, as she keeps landing the most important roles in Hollywood.

She is also among the most generous celebrities around today. She created the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation. This organization helps to fund the healthy lives and development of young artists in need and the people who protect them. This incredible organization has had global impact, helping young people around the world.

Lawrence is also an outspoken proponent of Planned Parenthood and is a well known democrat. She helped support recent democratic campaigns that protect the individual human rights of women and minorities. Her generosity and willingness to get her hands dirty sets her apart in Hollywood and truly makes her an excellent role model.
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