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Gisele Bundchen on AmericanSunglass.comGisele Bundchen possesses one of the most recognizable and beautiful faces in the world.

Since 2004 Gisele has been the face of the modeling industry around the world. She has ranked first on Forbes list of highest earning models, 16th richest woman in the entertainment industry, and 89th most powerful woman in the world.

These incredible achievements are a testament, not only to her beauty, but to her personality and intellect. Over the course of her career, Gisele has walked in 800 fashion shows and been on the cover of over 5000 magazines. Her most recent catwalk performance was at the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Rio in 2016, representing her native country. She is not planning on walking at any future shows, for the time being.

In addition to being an entertainment maverick in her own right, Gisele has also often been part of several famous ‘power couples’. Her first famous relationship was with the serial bachelor, Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s unsurprising that they fell for one another. He is, after all, among the most outspoken and philanthropic celebrities out there and she is a stunning super model, for which DiCaprio has a weakness.

She is now married to Patriot’s superstar, Tom Brady. Brady and Gisele have been married for years and have a loving and healthy relationship with their two children and her stepson.

Gisele Bundchen is among the most philanthropic celebrities around today. Forbes ranked her #15 on the list of most generous celebrities and her handsome donations have reached all corners of the globe. Gisele spearheaded multiple relief efforts for communities affected by hurricane Katrina, helping to empower the people of the Gulf Coast. She has donated millions to ease the suffering of those affected by storms in Haiti, tsunamis in Japan, and extreme poverty in South America. She has been most philanthropically active in her home nation of Brazil where she has donated millions of dollars to those in need and worked directly with young women in Favelas throughout the country.


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