Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid Style Sighting

Did you ever wonder where Gigi Hadid got her super cute Sporty & Casual style? Before she became one of the world's top models she was a competitive horseback rider as well as a Volleyball team captain at Malibu High School where she graduated in 2013. 

Gigi went to the Junior Olympics qualifiers for volleyball and has recently revealed that she trained for the 2016 Olympics as an equestrian. She has also found a new athletic outlet in the Boxing I guess you could call her a bit of a Tomboy!
We all know that Gigi had an unbelievably amazing modeling career but did you know that she started off her studies at New York City's New School in Criminal Psychology. She has said that she hopes to graduate from college by the time she is 23 (she's 21 now).

In 2016, she revealed that she has Hashimoto's Disease, a disease where the immune system attacks the Thyroid. So as amazing as her life seems, she has her problems to deal with as well.

Her stunning style comes not only from her athleticism but her intelligence and inner strength as well.
Gigi Hadid Fashion Sighting


Gigi has a beautiful round face

Here are some suggested styles for that shape  

          Round Face Sunglass Styles


Suncloud Blossom Maui Jim Cloudbreak Coach Caroline
Suncloud Blossom   Maui Jim Cloud Break   Coach Caroline


Bolle Recoil Randolph Intruder Maui Jim Ikaika
 Bolle Recoil  Randolph Intruder Maui Jim Ikaika