Eyewear Style based on Face Shape

Face shape guide


When shopping for eyewear, it is important to make sure the frame you choose fits your face shape. Different frames fit different face shapes and will make impact your fashion style.


Below you will find a list of common face shapes and recommendations for each:


With wide cheekbones and a narrow chin/forehead, your best shapes are oval, square and rimless. Be sure the frame is no wider than the top of the cheekbones.


With an oblong face, the ideal shapes for you are round and square. These shapes will play down the length of the face so it will appear slightly shorter. Choose a style that does not extend beyond the widest part of the face. Try sunglasses with a trendy, decorative temple that adds width to the face.


With a well-balanced oval face, most shapes will look great! Be sure that the frame is in proportion to the size of your face. Try trendy, oversized sunglasses, sporty wraps, rimless shields, or a classic rectangular shape - pretty much anything goes.


With a round face, the best shapes are rectangular and square. Choosing straight, angular lines will make the face appear longer and thinner. Styles that include high brow bars and temples will also make the face appear longer.


With a square face, the best shapes are oval, circular and cat-eyes. These shapes will reduce the angles and soften a square jaw. Be sure that the top of the frames sit high enough on the face to downplay the jawline. Try sunglasses with a thinner frame to soften the look.



With a narrow jaw and wide forehead, the best shapes are rimless, semi-rimless, cat-eyes and anything with a straight top. These shapes will help balance the jawline. Be sure the frames do not sit too high on the face. Try to avoid extra-large frames, heavy nose bridges, bold colors and square shapes!