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Emma Stone is often touted as one the most talented young actresses of her generation. Originally from Scottsdale, Arizona, Stone came to Los Angeles with her mother in 2004 to pursue her love of acting. Thank goodness she did, as she has since risen to among the brightest up and coming stars today, even winning an Oscar for Best Actress for her leading role in the 2016 film, LaLaLand.

Emma Stone’s career wasn’t always so glowing, however. In the beginning she struggled to make a name for herself. However, after several good breaks on shows like Malcom in the Middle and her hilarious role in the comedy, Superbad, Emma set herself apart as an excellent actress.

Emma is often known for being as funny off-screen as on-screen. Those who watch her frequent red carpet interviews know her for being quite funny, able to make even the most tense interviewers crack a smile.

Stone, in her signature creative style, has been known to bring attention to charitable organizations in some less-than-traditional ways. Stone and Spiderman co-star Andrew Garfield creatively brought attention to charitable organizations they support such as wwo.org and gildasclubnyc.org by holding handwritten signs in front of their faces for the paparazzi to snap pictures of. This guerilla style of charitable awareness has caught on and even Anne Hathaway has given the technique a try!

Emma Stone is recognized by her lovely almond eyes and oval face.  

Emma Stone Oval Face


Emma has the classic oval face with beautiful almond-shaped eyes.

Here are some suggested styles for that shape  

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