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Ciara is an incredibly talented singer, songwriter, dancer, and model.

Ciara, originally born in Austin, Texas, traveled the world with her family before eventually settling down in Atlanta, Georgia. Although she was initially a part of a girl band called, Hearsay, her songwriting talents quickly set her apart as a rising star. Her first solo album was extremely successful and featured singles such as, ‘Goodies’, ‘1, 2, Step’, and ‘Oh’.

In 2006 Ciara decided to try her hand in the acting world, where she has also worked on some large and successful projects. Her most notable role was a recurring spot on the hit television show, ‘The Game’.

As if all of these endeavors weren’t keeping her busy enough, in May, 2016 Ciara signed a modeling contract with IMG Models. She is now working on some rather covert, high-profile modeling gigs, and the entertainment world can’t wait to see what she produces.

In addition to developing a prominent music and film career, Ciaa is also very passionate about using her star power to help important causes. An example of this was her participation in the ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ benefit, which featured 15 other famous female artists all coming together to raise money for cancer research. For the benefit she produced a single titled, ‘Just Stand Up’, which raised over 100 million dollars in profit. Incredibly, Ciara donated the entire sum to the advancement of cancer research. This makes her one of the most generous actresses/singers in Hollywood.

Ciara is the proud mother of two young children. She had her first son with artist, Future, although they are no longer together. She is now married to Seattle Seahawks Quarterback, Russell Wilson. They were married in the English countryside and have one daughter together who is less than a year old.


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