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 Find Sunglasses That Complement Your Face!

To find a flattering pair of sunglasses, you should seek frames that contrast with your face shape. In general, smaller sunglasses will suit smaller faces while larger sunglasses suit larger faces.

• Sunglasses for Oval-shaped Faces: If you have a balanced, oval face, you can essentially wear any style of sunglasses. Go for a look that matches your style or experiment with some of the latest designs such as large, oversized frames or wraparounds. Our VonZipper and Suncloud sunglasses offer square-framed sunglasses with soft edges, a popular style at American Sunglass.

• Sunglasses for Round-shaped Faces: If your aim is to make your face look thinner, go for styles that are as wide (or slightly wider) as the broadest part of your face. To add definition to your face, choose sunglasses with a rectangular frame or other angular frame sunglasses with soft edges (try Bolle). Another option would be Ray-Bans with double brow bars, as they help pull the eyes upwards and add length to your face.

• Sunglasses for Square-shaped Faces: Choose classic circular frames or oval frames like Ray-Ban to soften angles. Curvy, cat-eye sunglasses can also help add definition and some feminine flair.

• Sunglasses for Heart-shaped Faces: Draw attention away from your sharp jaw line by accentuating the eyes with glasses that have a straight top line such as Ray-Ban aviators. You can also lighten your overall look with rimless sunglasses. Choose colors that brighten your skin tone for the best effect. When possible, try to emphasize your favorite feature.
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