What's Hot For Winter Sunglass Fashion

For most people, winter is the season to cool off from the hustles and bustles of summer, stay indoors with family and drink coffee on a couch near a fireplace. For other people, winter is the time to unleash the fashion trends and accessories that would look odd for summer. It’s the time to tone down on accessories to blend with the somewhat conservative winter fashion. Choosing your sunglass accessory is as important as choosing any other accessory.

The most exciting thing about most sunglasses is how they blend in with every season. In one of our previous blogs, we highlighted the reasons why sunglasses should be worn even in winter. It’s important to note that the sun and the UV rays are present even during winter. It’s therefore necessary to protect your eyes even when you don’t feel the intensity of the sun rays.

The 2017/2018 winter is perhaps one of the most exciting ones as far as fashion and accessory is concerned. The secret is to ensure your accessory and choice of attire are a perfect match for each other. It’s important to make a sunglass choice based on what you feel comfortable wearing. However, these sunglass trends should be a must have for all lover of fashion this winter; the wire rim sunglasses, the cat eye sunglasses.


Wire Rimmed Sunglasses on AmericanSunglass.com

These have become a common trend in the fashion world, with different designs emerging every now and again. The most common wire rim sunnies are the aviator and the round sunglasses. These have become the timeless sunglasses- suitable for all seasons. This winter season is not an exception. The most sensational thing about these sunglasses it that they go well with all types of fashion styles-chic, sophisticated, formal and informal. They have a way of cutting across all winter fashion trends. It’s however important to tone down on other accessories like earrings and necklaces if you want your sunglasses to stand out. Huge earrings and necklaces have a way of stealing the show and reducing the attention that you may want your sunglasses to have. As you make your sunglass choice for the winter, grab a wire rimmed pair and spice up your winter fashion.


CatEye Sunglasses on AmericanSunglass.com

Like the wire rim sunglasses, the cat eye sunglasses are a timeless piece. They are relevant with every season and seem to spice up the fashion world with their ever changing designs. Cat eye sunglasses are suitable for round and oval faces and often go well with chic and sophisticated fashion styles. The cat eye is one fashion trend that is unlikely to go extinct with time. If you already have a pair, consider yourself lucky.

While it’s important to keep up with sunglass trends on a yearly basis, it’s equally important to keep in mind that the fundamental purpose behind wearing sunglasses is to protect your eyes. While at it, make sure you grab a pair that is both comfortable, suits your face shape and helps you keep up with fashion.

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