Tiny Sunglasses in 2019? Yay or Nay?


The Tribe Celebrities Have Spoken...

Well, we can't say we're surprised. The tiny sunglass trend has hit its one year anniversary and looks like its going for year 2. We all know celebrities are the main influencers for trends, so it's no shock to see an overflow of social media posts since we hit midnight on January 1st. The hashtags #2019goals, #2019resolutions and #newyearnewme are attached to 2 million instagram posts alone... 2 million!

Spotted on Instagram

The queen of social media herself Kylie Jenner posted this on January 8th, with "MOOD ALL 2019🖤" as the caption. Safe to say Kylie Jenner will continue her tiny sunglass trend in 2019. Many will credit her family and the Hadid sisters as the originators of the trend.

Speaking of Gigi, she was spotted by paparazzi on January 3rd rocking the style in casual clothing.

Pretty Little Liars and You actress Shay Mitchell shared this look to her 22 million followers while in Japan this week.

Even guys can rock the style! A quick search for #tinysunglasses on insta will produce many posts from YouTuber and LA socialite Edward Zo.

Celebs can be seeing wearing CHRISTIANAHJONES sunglasses, go-to brand for this style.

Look who's back at it? The Jenner sisters, Kylie and Kendall were at yet another photoshoot this week. Peep Kylie's shades! Just on instagram alone, these sister have a combined 224 million followers. We're pretty sure that's enough followers to influence fashion trends.

Tell Us How You Really Feel...

Vote below! Are tiny sunglasses still in or can we leave them behind in 2018?

Will you wear tiny sunglasses in 2019?
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