The New Ray-Ban Blaze Collection


Three words to describe Ray-Ban's boldest collection to date. With new colors and materials never used before, the iconic brand is taking a futuristic approach with their latest collection. Reinventing best sellers such as the Wayfarer and Aviator, the Ray-Ban Blaze Collection is made exclusively for confident individuals who are not afraid to break the rules.

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Round Blaze

Round goes flat-mirror-over-frame with Blaze. Offsetting the original metal tones of the full-metal structure, contemporary gradient mirror or original G-15 shades are clean-cut to the profile of this retro classic shape for an irreverent subversion of vintage-cool style.

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Double Bridge Blaze 

A trend-setter with bite, the Blaze Double Bridge is a no-compromise fashion statement that gives off ultra-contemporary vibes. The cutting edge metal double bridge serves up attitude, and the lens-over-frame style is fiercely current.

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RB4380N Blaze

The new Blaze lens-over-frame gives this model e a futuristic attitude, while transparent frame enhance its elegance. This combination results in a catchy, daring and illuminating effect.

Cat Eye Blaze

Made exclusively for confident individuals who are not afraid to break the rules, this daring new cat-eye shape explores the seductive power of sharp urban style with a luminous edge in Blaze.  

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Clubmaster Blaze

Reimagining the bold profile of the original Clubmaster in super fine flat metal, Ray-Ban takes it up a notch by adding textural contrasts: brushed, striped and demi-gloss finishes, are juxtaposed with colorful flash and mirror shades.

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Wayfarer Blaze

One of the most iconic shapes, now with a brand new look: Wayfarer goes lens-over-frame with Blaze. The new Blaze lens-over-frame gives this model a futuristic attitude.

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Aviator Blaze

A true original, the Blaze Aviator changes the game once again with a bold double bridge, flat lens over frame construction and stunning gradient lenses. Tough metal tones complete the look – perfect for those pilots by day, rockstars by night.

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Shooter Blaze

Flaunting dark mirror shades in contemporary colors and fine, shiny metal frames, this all-new flat shield lens construction redefines the unmistakable shape of the original Shooter with the unique new Blaze lens.

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