Save vs. Splurge: Snag the Style That Works for Your Budget


Whether you are looking to rock those aviators, or go for a more dramatic cat eye look this summer, remember that you can save on the look without breaking the bank. Of course it’s fun to splurge, but keep in mind practicality and functionality. Everyone has a unique sense of style, and sunglasses are the perfect way to accentuate your look. Today we are taking four in-style sunglass shapes and sharing our favorite luxury vs. affordable pairs. The final decision, is up to you!

The category is: Cat Eye

The dramatic, and always fashionable look. With a fierce, chic appearance, this style will make everyone’s head turn.

Splurge Baby 

$500 Dita Sunbird Sunglasses - Shop

The Sunbird channels the bombast of Brigitte Bardot in a style that travels effortlessly from street to shore. The frame's lightweight acetate lens rims are surrounded by titanium, while its nose pad and bridge are pressed from one piece of metal to provide unparalleled support.

Save Darling

$49.99 Suncloud Nightcap Sunglasses - Shop

The gentle cat eye shape provides medium large coverage in always perfect black with a silver metal temple or terrific tortoise with a gold metal temple.

Be bold and expressive. With these cat eye options, you won’t have to settle. We're picking the Dita frames for this round, though. Dita sunglasses are HOT right now with all the celebrities.

The category is: Round

Definitely a fashion statement. This fun retro look will define your sense of style and show everyone that you are ready to have a good time. The cute, sophisticated shape pairs well with your happy-go-lucky spirit.

Splurge Baby 

$395 Tom Ford Newman Sunglasses - Shop

Designed using vintage features, these sunglasses have a soft rounded shape with metal 'T' temple decoration; this includes the keyhole nose bridge, which looks great with the metal brow top.

Save Darling

$143 Ray-Ban RB2180 Sunglasses - Shop

Modern design has gone full circle as Ray-Ban takes the classic round shape on another revolution. Along with distinctive rivets and Ray-Ban shaped temples, Ray-Ban RB2180 Sunglasses feature a sleek flattened bridge and stylish tinted lenses in appealing gradient options.

It's tough to decide between these two styles. The Tom Ford Newmans have a more masculine appeal to them, but we love the metal brow top. What's great about the Ray-Bans is the color options. There's a color for everyone!

The category is: Aviator

Casual, yet sophisticated at the same time. This style has been quite the favorite, as it has evolved from a vintage to a sleek look over time. Be flirty with tinted glass, or go for a more serious look. Aviators give you the opportunity to pull off both, with a classic design.

Splurge Baby

$340 Prada Linea Rossa Sunglasses - Shop 

The hallmark styling of this world-renowned fashion leader denotes high quality with a dedication to innovation and a strong tradition of craftsmanship. Prada is synonymous with an understated style that has always anticipated, and often dictated, new trends.

Save Darling

$65 Quay High Key Mini Sunglasses - Shop

Featuring its signature triangular notches, unmistakable aviator shape, and flat lenses, High Key Mini is perfectly sized down for a more petite look. These sunnies are smaller than the original, but are identical in every other way—available in three best-selling colors.

Quay (pronounced key) wins this round. The new brand has taken over the celebrity sunglasses market with influencer collaborations at affordable prices. We have a feeling Quay is here to stay.

The category is: Square

Speaking of dramatic…these round Hollywood inspired shades will make you feel like a movie star. The oversized glasses are an instant showstopper. Think Jackie O…these shades will sweep you away to a romanticized moment in time.

Splurge Baby

$364 Tom Ford Jennifer Sunglasses - Shop

Tom Ford's collection conveys luxury, glamour and exclusivity, and to guarantee luxury through attention to detail and quality of product. Tom Ford Jennifer Sunglasses are soft square plastic sunglasses with cutaway lenses and metal 't' inserts on the iconic tubular temples.

Save Darling 

$139 Michael Kors MK2065 Sunglasses - Shop

Designed in a square shape, the Carmel sunglasses showcase tortoise-acetate frames and metallic arms punctuated with the Michael Kors logo charm. Let lend a polished finish to everyday looks.

Michael takes the cake here. We love Jackie O inspired shades, but these MKs with tortoise-acetate are to die for. Under $150 too; money well spent!


Saving or splurging, we have a wide-range of sunglasses for everyone. Shop online today at for extra special savings.