How to Match Your Lipstick to Your Sunglasses

Match your lipstick and you sunglasses on

You might not put much thought into what lipstick shade goes best with your sunglasses, but you should! Your sunglasses are a huge focal point of your face, so they majorly affect your make-up and overall look. Choose the wrong shade and you could look too over-the top or mismatched.

Take a look at our tips below for go-to lipstick shades for your favorite pair of sunglasses.

Retro Sunglasses (Including Wayfarer, and Cat-Eye Shapes)

These classic sunglass shapes demand an equally classic lipstick shade. Go for tried-and-true red lipstick shades. Don’t be afraid of a bold lip, but make sure the color is classic!

Trendy Sunglasses (Including Round Lenses, Clear Frames, Chunky Frames & Mirrored Lenses)

There are so many fresh new sunglass trends that we’re excited about: from Lennon-inspired round lenses, to translucent frames, to thick chunky frames, and bold mirrored lenses. So what shade of lipstick to choose?

Well these fun and trendy shades should go with fun and trendy lipstick shades! Feel free to experiment with bold purples, hot pinks, fluorescent shades, electric oranges, or glittered shades.

Statement Sunglasses (Including Oversize, Square or Aviator Sunglasses)

These bold and large sunglasses should be matched with a more subdued lip. Try out soft pinks, nude lipsticks, or even a tinted lipgloss with these styles. Since these frames take up so much space on your face, you don’t want to overdo it with a bold, attention-grabbing lipstick!

Colored Frame Sunglasses

If you’re wearing sunglasses with colored frames, you have two options. One option is to find a matching lipstick shade. For example, if you’ve found a pair of sunglasses with a pretty deep purple shade, try to find a lipstick that matches. This can be tricky though, and some colored frames (like green) aren’t a color you actually want to wear on your lips!

If you’re not able or don’t want to find the right match, try for a subdued, soft lip color or neutral shade. This will balance out the bold color of your sunglass frames nicely!

Match your lipstick to your sunglasses on