50th Anniversary Woodstock Sunglasses

This weekend, we celebrate the golden anniversary of the mystical, messy, and musically monumental Woodstock Music Festival. The 1969 festival turned out to be *kinda* a big deal, and its cultural impact is still felt to this day. One of its footprints can been seen in the sunglass world (besides, you know, the music scene). We’ve compiled a list of our grooviest, funkiest, most festival-worthy shades. And trust us, loud music may be our forte (hahahaha) but sunglasses are our jam ;)

Quay Australia

Quay Australia sunglasses embody the festival spirit with their fun colors, trendy frames, and natural Instagram aesthetic. 

High Key. $65. Check out all the fun color options! There's a mini version available too for you small-faced folks. 

20's. $65. Minimal frame that can polish off a bold festival look. Also comes in black. 

Electric Dreams. $50. I'm willing to bet that Jimi Hendrix would think you a foxy lady (or man) while wearing these. 



See! I told you!



Ray-Ban has a frame for everyone, every occasion, and every festival. Here are our top three picks: 

Ray-Ban 1971. $168. New style this year from Ray-Ban with a retro vibe. 

Ray-Ban 3556N. $168. Wear these to be the coolest kid on the block. Or the festival. 

Ray-Ban 5592. $178. Wear these to be the grooviest kid in the flower-power patch. 


What more can I say about Balenciaga sunglasses other than they are so hot right now? They are new to the sunglass game, but have been making waves with some super trendy styles: 

Balenciaga Ski Rectangle Sunglasses. $450. Ski might be in the title, but I assure you, these glasses are made to be worn at the hottest of music festivals.

Balenciaga Invisible Cat Sunglasses. $405. The tiny sunglass trend is alllllll the rage, and Balenciaga does it best.

Balenciage Hybrid D Frame Sunglasses. $450. Diva in the front, athleisure on the sides! From the front view, you get a classic silhouette. From the side view, you get a sportier look that's ready to hold on no matter how hard you are head-banging to the music.